How It Works
A small program is installed on your computer and configured to automatically backup new and modified files. The changes are scrambled and sent over the internet to our primary and secondary data centres located in the UK. Restoring data is achieved by either using the backup program or a secure (https) web link. Backup reports are emailed to you and us daily. The backup logs are checked daily by our staff which helps us to identify any issues with your backup. Click here for more information.

Who We Are
Our company, Unit Solutions is based in London EC1. Beehive is a brand name of Unit Solutions. As well as serving an UK customer base, we also support international clients. Our qualified staff have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry having dealt with solutions from vendors such as Apple, Microsoft and Cisco. Our focus on customer satisfaction has enabled us to maintain a very high level of client retention over the years.


Beehive Logo
Beehive Logo