Beehive Offsite Backup
We enable the backup of your data to a secure offsite location for a fixed monthly charge. We support most platforms which include PC’s, Mac’s, Mac/PC Servers, Linux, Novell, Solaris, Microsoft Exchange and SQL. Offsite backup eliminates the need for the in house management of tapes. You can recover your data securely, using a standard web browser from any computer worldwide, within seconds which makes this feature ideal in a disaster recovery scenario.

  • Workstation
  • Server Backup
  • Service Provider

Workstation Backup
Imagine the hard disk on your computer fails, causing you to lose the years of music, pictures, files, emails and other valuable data that you have. Our backup application, once installed on your computer, backs up new and modified files according to a preset schedule, securely over your internet connection. Restoration is a straight-forward process and you can use a web browser (securely over https) to restore the files from any location in the world.
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What Our Clients Say

“It just works. Great solution and
easy to use. The days of worrying
about tapes are over”
Signet Consultancy Ltd

“I managed to retrieve a document
backed up 6 months ago in minutes”
Finance Director, TLC

Supported Platforms

Exchange Server
SQL Server

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